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Treating Blurry Vision & Dry Eyes from Staring at Screens – SLUCare Health Watch

Eyelids feel heavy and your eyes strained no surprise there with so many people working from home and the kids doing the virtual school. It does have an impact on eyesight joining me right now. Slow care, optometrist, dr katie, look good morning doctor thanks. So much for joining us good morning, thank you for… Read More »

Why Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision – 3 Reasons, And 3 Home Remedies

Blurry vision can be one of the most common symptoms of dry eyes. In fact, patients will come in saying: hey, i have blurry vision, will check their prescription and find out their prescription is exactly the same, and then we tell them hey, you have dry eyes and that might be kind of confusing… Read More »