Sudden Blurred Vision Causes

by admin on March 21, 2011

For those suffering from blurred vision, there are many causes. While suffering from blurred vision it is important to determine the onset of the blurred vision and determine whether a sudden onset of blurred vision occurred or whether the patient is suffering from blurred vision that had gotten progressively worse over time.
Here are some of the causes that are associated with sudden blurred vision:

Eye Infection
An eye infection can be present through the eye for a while but can cause symptoms through the eye area quickly. Infections like conjunctivitis can cause the mucous in the eye area to become increased and therefore cause blurred vision through the eye area until the infection has been cleared. Antibiotic drops are the quickest and most effective way to reduce the blurred vision associated with an eye infection.

Detached Retina
A detached retina is a serious condition that can require surgery in order to correct the blurred vision and immediate attention must be given to the patient to avoid permanent damage to the eye area. For this reason, the patient should seek medical attention for any case of immediate blurred vision throughout the eye area.

Sometimes, the patient suffering from migraines can suffer from blurred vision with a sudden onset. Many patients observe the blurred vision before suffering from the onset of the migraine and therefore can use medication to control the adverse side effects and pain that is caused from the migraine.

There are times when blurred vision can be combined with other symptoms, like left-sided weakness and headaches that may indicate the patient is suffering from a stroke. Through these times, the patient should seek medical attention immediately to reduce the permanent damage to the patient’s eyesight and more.

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