Red & Irritated Eyes from Contacts

by admin on April 16, 2011

One of the adverse side effects of using contacts is the red and irritated eyes that are created when the contacts are worn. Many times, people that are not used to wearing contacts experience the redness and itchiness through the eye area because of the dryness that is caused by the contacts.

How can you avoid the redness and irritation that is caused by wearing contacts? Experimenting with various types of eye drops and solutions can be an effective way to reduce the dryness experienced throughout the eye area. These solutions can be found through the local drug store and recommended by the optometrist that has prescribed the contacts.

Red and irritated eyes that are caused from dryness throughout the eye area can lead to many other side effects including irritation and blurred vision, even headaches from the strain that is being placed on the vision. Many times, the skin around the eyes can begin to be affected from the redness because of the constant rubbing action that is being completed throughout the eye area. If you are suffering from eye irritation, it is important to avoid excessive rubbing of the eye area – as difficult as it might be.

There are some people that are just unable to wear contact lenses because of the redness and irritation that ensues while they are being worn. In these cases, the person must simply use other options that are available including traditional glasses and even laser eye surgery to reduce the irritation and the redness that is caused while wearing the contact lenses.

In the case that you are suffering from red and itchy eyes that is causing irritation through the eye area, you might want to consider scheduling an appointment with the optometrist to choose from recommended products to reduce the irritation throughout the eye area and discover alternative options to the contact lenses that have been placed in the eye area.

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