Is Blurry Vision Age Related?

by admin on July 4, 2011

There are many causes for blurred vision, and only some of the causes that are noted are to do with the aging of the eyes and natural degeneration. Common causes of blurred vision can range from everyday eye infections and strain of the eyes, to an injury that has occurred through the eye area – all of which have nothing to do with the blurred vision that can be associated with eye strain.

However, there are indeed some causes of blurred vision that are age related. If you are aging and are concerned about your vision, and of the macular degeneration that can lead to blurred vision in the eye area, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with an optometrist to undergo vision testing that can determine whether there have been any changes since the last exam. Undergoing this type of examination can allow the optometrist to note the changes in the vision and determine the cause of the blurred vision and provide the patient with techniques that can be used to correct the vision.

Most often, the techniques that are used to correct the vision include corrective lenses, laser eye surgery or the repair of certain disorders, like cataracts. It is important to see an optometrist to determine the cause of the blurred vision in order to create a treatment plan for the vision, to preserve the sight.

An optometrist can provide the patient with the assistance required in order to preserve the vision but it is important to seek medical attention early through the vision, once the blurred vision begins to affect the eyes for more than a few days. This way, the methods to reduce the blurred vision can be discussed and proactive measures can be taken. Doing this, the patient can ensure the best outcome from the vision testing and repair the blurred vision.

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