Home Remedies for Blurry Vision

by admin on December 1, 2010

Blurry vision can be attributed to a number of causes. Sometimes, people suffer from blurry vision periodically for no cause that can be determined at all.
Do you suffer from blurred vision and have seen an optometrist with no avail? Have you tried multiple types of medications and undergone multiple eye examinations without the ability of the health care professionals to come up with a cause of the blurred vision?

In the case that you have tried traditional treatments with no cure, there is still hope. Many people have found success with home remedies that can be used to restore the vision in the eyes and see clearly once again.

Common home remedies for blurred vision include:

Small changes in the diet can help to increase the vision capabilities. Eating more carrots and include almonds that have been soaked in water in the diet can help to improve the vision and reduced the blurred eyesight.

Topical treatments can also be applied to the eye to reduce blurred vision, especially in the case that the blurred vision is due to swelling around the eye area. Cucumber juice and grated potato can help to reduce the swelling and also reduce the blurred vision that comes with the swelling. Applying these directly to the eye or using a cotton swab can be an effective way to remedy the blurred vision.
Rose water can be applied to the eye area with a cotton swab, after the eye has been washed, to reduce the blurred vision caused by something impeding the vision.

Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet can be an effective way to decrease blurred vision, as well as reducing the overall consumption of caffeine. Making the changes in your diet can be an effective way to increase the overall health of the body, as well as reducing the blurred vision that can cause difficulty seeing.

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