Frequent Blurred Vision Causing Migraine Headaches

by admin on October 8, 2011

Blurred vision can cause headaches, as the person suffering from blurred vision is often straining the eyes to see words on the pages, on the computer screen or even drive a vehicle. Since the eyes are being strained, the headache can worsen due to the strain that is being placed on the muscles through the eyes.

How can you avoid headaches if you are suffering from blurred vision? In the case that you are suffering from blurred vision, you should avoid any behaviors that are going to stress the eyes. This includes avoiding activities like driving and also taking the time to stop using the computer, stop reading and simply rest the eyes to reduce the strain that is being caused to them.

How long should the patient wait before seeking medical attention for blurred vision? In the case that you have stopped the activities that are placing strain on the eyes but the blurred vision is still being experienced, the patient may wish to consult an optometrist or a medical doctor to undergo an examination and diagnostic testing to determine the cause of the blurred vision.

In some cases, blurred vision that is accompanied with a headache is the sign that a migraine is occurring. If you are sufferer of migraines you might come to realize these symptoms of the onset and therefore take the time to use migraine medication to reduce the severity and length of the migraine. However, if you are unfamiliar with migraines, you may being to experience a high degree of pain through the headache.

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