Fainting, Blurred Vision and Headache After Sitting

by admin on August 8, 2011

Have you recently been suffering from a myriad of symptoms that include fainting, blurred vision and suffering from a headache after sitting for an extended period of time? Though there are many causes of blurred vision and fainting, these symptoms will often indicate that the person is suffering from high or low blood pressure, which must be regulated through changes that are made in the diet and through medications that are prescribed to the patient.

These symptoms can be quite serious if remaining untreated and therefore it is important to seek medical attention for the patient that has been suffering from these symptoms for any length of time. Making an appointment with a medical professional can allow the blood pressure to be checked in just a few minutes to determine if this is the cause.

Changes that are made in the diet to accommodate high blood pressure including reducing the amount of sodium that is included in the diet. It is important to follow a low sodium diet as prescribed by the health care professional and remember that sodium just doesn’t mean salt. There are many foods that contain high levels of sodium that may surprise you. Reading labels and following the recommended diet may mean the avoidance of blood pressure medication, allowing the patient to reduce the instance of suffering from adverse side effects.

In the case that diet isn’t enough to control the blood pressure; medications are available to control both low and high blood pressure. Once the medication has been used to control the blood pressure, the symptoms tend to stop as well. Fainting, headaches and blurred vision after sitting will likely subside within one week of beginning the blood pressure medication and the patient can go on to live a healthier lifestyle.

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