Eye Infection Symptoms and Treatment

by admin on April 17, 2011

Eye infections can be a potentially serious condition that can begin affecting the exterior of the eye and eventually worsen to affect the vision or the inner components of the eye. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that treatment of the eye infection is initiated and medical assistance can be obtained to check the vision and ensure that the infection is indeed treatable.

What are some of the symptoms of an eye infection? Some symptoms of an eye infection include an itchy and watery sensation through the eyes, burning and itching through the eye area, yellow green discharge from the tear ducts and general eye area, swelling and puffiness of the eye area and pain when the eye area is touched.

There are many causes that are associated with eye infections that can range from a foreign object in the eye area to an infection that has been caused from contagious bacteria picked up on the hands and then transferred to the eye area.

In order to diagnose an eye infection, the health care professional may take a swab or culture from the eye area to determine the type of infection. Many times, the health care professional can diagnose the eye infection from simply examining the area and considering the symptoms that are being experienced. This way, the medical can be prescribed in the same visit.

The treatment for the eye infection ranges from antibiotic eye drops that are applied to the eye area. These drops contain powerful antibiotics that can help the body to fight the eye infection, allowing the person to overcome the symptoms that have been created with the eye infection. In some cases, the severe eye infection may require oral antibiotics to fight the infection from the inside of the body.

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