Complications From Lasik Surgery

by admin on July 12, 2011

Lasik surgery has the ability to change the way that you see. Through the innovations that are created through Lasik surgery, you can change the way that you see and eradicate blurred vision and other imperfections in the sight, allowing you to regain control over your vision.

Though uncommon, there are some complications that can be experienced from Lasik surgery:

Over/Under Correction
Perhaps one of the most common complications from the Lasik surgery is the over correction or the under correction of the surgical procedure where the correction has not been fine tuned and will therefore affect the vision of the person undergoing the surgical procedure.

Wrinkles in the Flap
While undergoing Lasik surgery, there is a new flap that is created in the eye. There are times when this flap may be affected with wrinkles that can occur when the patient shuts the eye tightly in the hours after the surgery has been completed. Though these can be repaired, it is important to avoid shutting the eye throughout the course of the surgery to ensure that the instance of the wrinkles developing is going to be low.

Infection is one of the most common complications that can occur from the Lasik surgery and can present through the eye are in itching, pain and redness throughout the area. Infections spread through the eye area are actually quite common and can be easily treated with antibiotics that are prescribed to the patient through eye drops applied to the area.

Being aware of the complications can help the patient to make the decision of whether the surgery is going to be suited to their needs. In most cases, the benefits of the Lasik surgery far outweigh the potential risks, causing most patients to make the decision to go ahead with the surgery procedure.

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