Common Causes of Blurred Vision and Bad Eyesight

by admin on March 20, 2011

Blurred vision can cause you to question the capabilities of your eyesight when it occurs in one or both of the eyes. Learning about the causes of blurred vision can help you to choose to make an appointment with optometrist and narrow the causes of the blurred vision while determining whether there are any underlying causes of the vision problems.
Here are three causes of blurred vision that the patient should be aware of:

Short Sightedness
Being short sighted can cause far away items to appear blurry and can therefore cause the person suffering from the vision problem to have blurred vision a lot of the time while they are trying to distinguish items in the distance. Using methods to correct the vision can be an effective way to change the vision and stop the blurriness in the line of sight.

Dry Eyes
There are many medications that can cause dry eyes, as well as certain medical conditions. The eyes can lack moisture because of decreased tear production and can therefore cause the vision to appear blurred. Using artificial tears or stopping medications that may be causing the blurred vision can be an effective way to reduce the blurred vision that the patient is suffering from.

Cataracts is also known as macular degeneration and occur when the cells in the back of the eyes begin to degenerate. This can cause blurred vision and result in a loss of eyesight and must be treated by a physician that is familiar with the disease. There are many procedures that can be used to help to reduce the blurred vision and increase the capabilities of the eyes, including surgical procedures that can help to preserve the vision and reduce the blurred vision and other adverse effects of the disorder.

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