Causes of Blurry Vision

by admin on December 1, 2010

Blurry vision is a pesky health concern for many people. It can begin with a slight blurriness in one or both eyes and result in vision that has become so blurred that it can be difficult to drive or even read without constantly blinking to try and readjust the focus of the eyes.

Blurred vision can cause the person to suffer from other ailments because of strain that has been placed on the eye; such as headache and migraines.

What are some of the causes of blurry vision?

Tired Eyes
Have you been working for hours at end writing or in front of a computer? Tired eyes is one of the leading causes of blurred vision and is easily solved through sleep or resting the eyes from the activities that are being completed.

Once blurry vision starts to occur in the eyes, it is important to realize that the eyes are becoming strained and take measures to reduce the strain in the eyes, like having a short nap or take yourself away from the computer screen for a break.

Cataracts is one of the leading causes of blurry vision and can cause the person to experience migraines and other irritations because of the blurred vision that is being experienced.
Cataracts can occur with age and includes the clouding of the lens of the eye, often resulting in blurred vision.

Vision Problems
Vision problems, like nearsightedness or farsightedness are one of the leading causes of blurry vision and should be addressed in the case that an individual is experiencing blurred vision on a regular basis.
A simple eye examination by an optometrist can determine whether there are any issues with the eyes that could be causing the blurred vision – which can be easily corrected through the regular use of prescription eyeglasses.

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