Cataracts Treatment Without Surgery

by admin on May 6, 2011

Cataracts has been described as a clouding of the eye sight that can result in the blurred vision and the inability to make out shapes and specific figures after the vision has been impaired for an extended length of time. It is often associated with age and has a number of treatments aside from the popular surgical treatment that is often recommended by health care professionals.

What are some of the other options that are available for the treatment of Cataracts, without surgery?

Dietary Supplements
There are many dietary supplements that are used to treat cataracts. Many of these supplements have shown positive results in initial studies. Patients that are suffering from cataracts that are trying to avoid surgical intervention may want to consider changes that are made in the diet to the way that they eat before choosing surgery as an option for the treatment of cataracts.

Vision Corrections
There are many tools that can be used to correct the vision, including corrective lenses that can help to correct the vision. Learning about the various types of corrective lenses through glasses and contact lenses can help the patient to make the right choices when it comes to the treatment of the cataracts, hopefully offsetting the symptoms that are being experienced.

Avoid Night Driving and Eye Strain
Avoiding eye strain that comes with night driving and trying to work through inadequate lighting can help to alleviate the symptoms of cataracts. This way, the patient can use other methods in combination with this to reduce the eye strain.

Learning about the various options that are available in lieu of surgery can help the patient to find alternatives to surgery that can come with serious side effects and recovery times that can vary. This way, the patient can be aware of all of the various options that are available before making the final decision.

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