Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurred Vision?

by admin on March 19, 2011

The eyes, like many other components in the body, require moisture in order to function. When the eyes become dry, blurred vision can become a pesky side effect to the dry eyes, from not producing enough tears throughout the eye ducts.

There are people that suffer from disorders and that do not produce enough tears through the tear ducts in the eyes, which can result in blurred vision.

Learning the remedies that can be used to reduce the dryness throughout the eye area and help the blurred vision to subside can be an effective way to reduce the blurred vision and restore the moisture balance back throughout the eye area.

Eye Drops are one of the most common remedies that are used while suffering from dry eyes. Eye drops can be applied to the eyes and act like synthetic tears that can help to lubricate the eye area and act as the natural tears in the eyes, which can help to reduce the blurred vision that the person is suffering from.

Medication that can help to increase the amount of natural tears that are produced can be taken orally – and sometimes medication can be changed or stopped – as there are certain medications that come with a side effect of dry eyes. Making these changes to the medication that is taken throughout the body can be an effective way to regulate the tears that are being produced and therefore reduce the symptoms that are associated with dry eyes causing blurred vision.

Speaking with an optometrist can be a helpful way to reduce the blurred vision that the patient is suffering from, as the optometrist can recommend products to help to increase tear production in the eyes to reduce the dry eyes. As well, the optometrist can determine whether there are any underlying causes of the dry eyes the patient is suffering from.

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