Blurry Vision in One Eye Causes

by admin on April 3, 2011

Blurred vision in one eye can be quite concerning for the person that is experiencing the sudden interruption in their sight. Blurred vision can have many causes and it is important to consider the causes before jumping to conclusions that there is something terribly wrong with the eye sight that is going to permanently affect the vision.
Here are some of the common causes of blurred vision in one eye:

Eye Infections
There are many eye infections that can cause the vision to appear blurred in one eye. In most instances, the eye infections are going to only affect one eye and therefore reduce the vision through that eye. These eye infections can range from conjunctivitis or pinkeye, to something more serious. If the effects of the infection last for more than a couple of days or begin to significantly affect the vision, the patient should consider seeing a doctor for a treatment plan before the symptoms worsen.

Eye Injury
There are many, many types of injuries that can occur through the eyes. Whether you are playing a sport and have been hit in the eye or have simply injured the eye by a blockage of some sort or foreign object in the eye, it is important to realize that this can significantly reduce the vision in the one eye, as well as causing blurred vision throughout the eye.

Injuries that cause temporary blurring may subside, but effects that last more than a couple of days should be checked by a health care professional.

These types of injuries and infections may cause temporary blurred vision throughout the eye but it is important to realize that the blurred vision should be checked by a physician or optometrist if it lasts more than a couple of days, as allowing the infection or injury to linger can cause adverse side effects in the eyesight.

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