Blurred Vision Side Effects

by admin on April 10, 2011

Blurred vision may come as a side effect of an illness or an adverse side effect to a medication but did you know that blurred vision can also cause other side effects? Blurred vision can wreak havoc on the balance and create headaches, only two of the side effects that the patient suffering from blurred vision should be concerned with.

Why should the patient be concerned with the side effects of blurred vision? The patient should be concerned with the side effects of blurred vision as they can cause permanent damage to the body. For example, many patients that have suffered from blurred vision for a prolonged period of time have strained the muscles of the eyes and therefore suffer from constant headaches because of the blurred vision.

Headaches are indeed one of the most common side effects that are created from a patient suffering from blurred vision. This means that the patient is going to have to determine the cause of the blurred vision in order to stop the headaches. This often requires a visit to the doctor or optometrist to determine the cause of the blurred vision to create a treatment plan to stop the blurred vision and stop the headaches.

Dizziness is another outcome that can be caused by the blurred vision. Patients that are suffering from blurred vision will often suffer from dizziness as they are trying to regain control of the sight and therefore trying to create focal points through the line of sight. This effort can be quite difficult and cause additional strain through the eyes, resulting in dizziness. Unfortunately, the patient is likely to suffer from the dizziness until the cause of the blurred vision has been determined and treated by the health care professional.

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