Blurred Vision and Dizziness

by admin on August 4, 2011

Blurred vision and dizziness often come hand in hand for those people that are suffering from the vision blurring. The dizziness is often caused by the blurred vision is often a sign of strain, but at times, can also be a sign of something more serious.

Serious causes of blurred vision and dizziness that are presented with left sided weakness can have a more serious cause in the body and are some of the symptoms that are experienced when a patient is suffering a stroke. It is important to consider the symptoms that are being experienced in conjunction with the blurred vision and dizziness to establish whether immediate medical attention is required, or whether the patient should see their family physician.

Once it has been determined whether these are the only symptoms that are present, the patient should consider how long the symptoms have been experienced for. The patient may be suffering from blurred vision due to high or low blood pressure and may want to consider having something to eat, or drink. If the dizziness and blurred vision subsides, the patient should schedule an appointment with the physician to undergo diagnostic testing for diabetes, through a simple glucose test.

Diabetes is the most common causes of symptoms that are experienced together, like blurred vision and dizziness. To treat the illness, there are many routes available, depending on the severity of the diagnosis that has been made.

The patient can simply make changes to their diet and reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that are consumed, or the patient may require medications that are delivered orally. In severe cases, the patient may require injections of insulin to regulate the blood sugar. Depending on the severity of the diabetes, the patient and health care professional will create a treatment plan that is personalized to their needs.

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