Asking Your Doctor about Causes of Blurred Vision

by admin on April 14, 2011

Suffering from blurred vision can be downright annoying and interrupt your daily activities from being able to work in the office, play sports and even get behind the wheel of the vehicle. For this reason, the patient suffering from blurred vision is often in the mood to seek answers sooner rather than later. Learning about the blurred vision, the causes and the types of blurred vision that the patient can suffer from can be an effective way to ensure that the patient can avoid serious repercussions from the temporary vision upset.

What should the patient consider when asking the health care professional about blurred vision? The patient may want to consider making an appointment with the doctor if the blurred vision has been affecting the sight for more than one to two days, as well as in the case that the blurred vision seems to worsen. In these cases, there may be an underlying cause to the blurred vision that should be addressed by a health care professional to ensure that no further damage is completed to the eye area.

What should the patient ask the health care professional? An eye exam will be completed at the appointment and the patient will often undergo a physician exam to determine whether there is any sign of infection or injury to the eye area. Patients that are experiencing these symptoms can often be treated with rest, or antibiotics and the vision will often return to normal once the infection subsides or the injury to the eye area has healed.

Making a simple phone call to the office of the doctor can help the patient to determine whether they should schedule an appointment with the doctor. Describing the symptoms to the nurse can be an effective way to determine this and the nurse can help to answer any questions or schedule an appointment.

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